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Core and Pelvic Floor 4 Weeks Strength Plan

Core and Pelvic Floor 4 Weeks Strength Plan

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The goal of this e-book is to help women understand more about diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, and prolapse, as these side effects of pregnancy are not often discussed. Women are expected to hide or deal with these conditions on their own, when in reality they have the ability to make things better using the best practices I’ll share.

Here, you’ll find a 4-week rehab program for women who want to improve their abdominal muscle separation and the little “wet” accidents we’re made to believe are unavoidable. This program, created in partnership with a physical therapist and Pilates instructor who specializes in women’s health, is designed to help busy moms regain their confidence. Because whether you’re running outside to jump rope with your kids or rushing back to take on the world at work, you deserve to do it without worrying about frustrating post-pregnancy side effects.

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