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About Nathalia

I love wine and lifting heavy things

As a mom of two small little people, I know what it’s like to be busy all the time and not have much time to do anything else (solo trips to the bathroom anyone? Dreamy!).

This is why when I am not chasing said little people, I am helping and guiding busy and overwhelmed moms find their fitness groove and love their mom bodies!

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The pictures are clear and very demonstrative. I'm good with technique, being a personal trainer myself, but I do follow the exercise programme as prescribed. Without the book, I would feel a bit confused and worried.

Dita Ulrova

I purchased Nathalia’s Pregnancy Training Guide and instantly loved it!! It was challenging, but completely tailored to the stage I was at with my pregnancy. I felt completely comfortable performing the exercises while at the same time getting a great workout!!

Laura Ruffle, Australia

I loved using the Pregnancy guide during my pregnancy. There is really a lack of information when it comes to weight training for pregnant women, so it was fantastic to have an easy-to-follow, safe, well-researched training program to keep me on track.

Jennifer Boizumault, United States